• bespoke support packages
  • one-to-one conversations with a critical friend
  • assessment of business plans and models
  • review of websites, social media and promotional strategies
  • development of governance
  • fundraising ideas including grant applications
  • review of legal structures
  • establishing Action Learning Sets to determine solutions

I really like to speak to people before they decide whether to work with me. I offer a free 30 minute consultation where I can get to know a about what you need and you can get to know me and find out if I’m the tight fit for you or your organisation (if I’m not, I have a big network of contacts and am likely to know someone else who you could work with).

Please email me to book a free consultation.


I know how important it is for social enterprises and community businesses to use their funds and resources wisely, and I also need to make a living. I therefore publish my fees and charges to enable an easy discussion around this.

All of these fees are based on remote working so I can help you wherever you are. I use Zoom for meetings and the good old telephone and email too.

Hourly Rate £45 – this can include reviews of business plans, grant applications, websites, social media and more.

One-to-One £95 – up to an hour over Zoom to discuss you project needs and support you to find your way through the issues. This includes a review of information beforehand (if required) and follow up information (if any).

Book 5 x weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions upfront for £425 or 10 sessions for £850.

UPDATE 23/09/2022 – I have one more space on my special introductory offer of up to 3 x 1:1 for £45 a session. Please email me for details

Half Day £180 – this could include a block of four hours all together or two sessions of 2 hours. We can agree the best way to use this time together and can be flexible if needs change.

Full day £350 – similar to the half day enabling more in depth work.

Facilitated Action Learning Set – A per person/organisation charge for a set of four x fortnightly sessions to be agreed and depending on individual requirements.

I can provide a detailed quote for specific projects on request.

Other useful information

I am registered self employed.

I have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance through Hiscox.

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