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My name is Alison Belshaw. I have worked for many years helping small organisations to find their feet. I would love to help you if this is what you need.

I am passionate about social enterprise and community business with a determination to help the sector succeed and become financially sustainable. I develop cooperative ways of working, giving people the chance to show what they can do through actually doing it, finding consensus and facilitating change.

I’m a project manager and trainer with more than 10 years’ experience specifically in establishing, developing and running social enterprises, predominantly in and around Bristol and Somerset, on top of a further 20 years of community and attitude change campaigning work.

I am experienced in working in multi-organisation partnerships, advising and reporting directly to Boards of Directors, as well as in staff management, applying for and delivering projects funded through grants, and many aspects of development and change. I like to identify opportunities and work out how to implement them.

During this time I have learnt a lot – particularly around making sense out of mess and finding ways through entrenched problems and issues! I enjoy helping to navigate change with openness, honesty and integrity.

I am a facilitator, trainer and Action Learning Facilitator. I am a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs having completed the Community Business Trade Up Programme in 2018.

I can help you wherever you are. I am Bristol based and all of my work is delivered via Zoom, through email and telephone calls.

You can find more details of my experience on my LinkedIn profile

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